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 · Shall We Date is absolutely free and fastest growing online matchmaking and dating system. Register with us to find your perfect match Shall we date? is a series of dating sim games that has fascinated 3 million ladies around the world. Available on the App Store and Google Play. Have you ever had a romance with a ninja?  · Best Apps by "shall we date", such as WizardessHeart - Shall we date, Ninja Shadow Shall we date? and Story Jar - Otome dating game. Discover best apps & games for It\'s the first date and your ready for a sneaky kiss!! Make sure you do Contribute to the wiki by adding the necessary information. If you are a novice editor, read the tutorial or visit the help page for assistance. Game. Sweet Scandal. Rated. Teen (12+) Sweet ... read more

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FANDOM Games Anime Movies TV Video. Explore Wikis Community Central. Don't have an account? Games Category page. View source. Nov 12, I really love this otome. It's sweet, and dramatic. The characters are so well-rounded, and even though I've had to restart like three separate times my micro SD cards corrupted and I lost all my data and screenshots of the data transfer codes , Hayato remains my favorite route thus far. It's hard to get much Jade though, so you always miss out on all the premium routes, which really takes away from the whole route, unless you spend money on it.

But it's still worthwhile to play through. Apr 22, By Drew O. Love this game. Great character development and stories. The art is beautiful. Can get expensive. Especially it you want to finish stories quickly. But there's options to earn free jade. And you get a free story ticket every 4 hours. Lots of reward options. I'm on my 3rd character now and still interested. Lots of fun! Aug 16, By Faith Banks. It was great overall!

There was only one checkpoint I struggled getting the special award because I didnt realize how much I needed and when the checkpoint was coming up. For the talent itd be cool if we got a heads up its coming so we can try and have enough to pass within the time period give : more. This game has been a huge favorite of mine for a long time! I love how after it being in the store for so long, there are still new romances being added all the time!

Love the season 2 concept for some of the characters as well! All of the artwork is beautiful and the characters are all charming and engaging, I've only ever played through the basic routes for this game and have still had a wonderful time! Would recommend to anyone in the market for otome games! Mar 6, This is definitely my favorite Shall We Date Game. The storylines are so good I could play with every character and still not be bored. My only problems with it are that it is expensive, and the tickets take a long time to regenerate as is pretty typical with these games.

I really enjoyed Ninja Assassin too, and I'm glad that they made this game that ties into it, at least in the earlier routes. Jul 8, By Naomi Cole. I greatly enjoy this dating SIM. The art is stunning and well used in the menus as well as the story. The characters are fairly distinct with the newer releases being even more unique and fun while the updates on the classics are comforting and familiar.

I haven't noticed any bugs in the programming and there are essentially non-stop events going on in game. It can be a battery drain but considering that's the closest thing I have to a complaint this game deserves 5 stars. Mar 1, Great story but wish I could buy routes. I really like the story line of all the routes I've read but waiting for chapters and getting points to pass checkpoints is a pain.

i wish i could buy the routes outright. I feel like you could spend hundreds trying to get past blockades without the wait in this version. if you are patient though it is a good story more. May 14, But, without purchasing anything, you may be stuck at a checkpoint for days unable to continue your story until you pass it. The upside of that is you will be full of free story tickets by then. become obsessed with this at your own peril, i guess.

Aug 8, By Ellis Petrucci Lattelover. This is such a cute game! I'm obsessed with the storylines, and I love the amount of characters you have to choose from. The only reason why it isn't 5 stars is because I've played another game from this developer, Obey Me! I would also love it, if possible, voices could be added to the characters like in other games.

Overall, beautiful creation, very fun to play and explore. Sep 24, Really cute! Stories are a bit short, but the characters are great and there are lots of choices. The graphics are also awesome and it's really easy to earn the game's monetary currency to buy things for premium choices! The story tickets reload every four hours, which is nice compared to having to wait daily. Overall very pleased. Mar 31, this game would have such a wonderful story mode if it was less complicated to read.

You have to dress up in a gacha game and earn like 4 or 5 different kinds of points in order to unlock parts of the story. it's just too complicated. If you really want to read it you would have to either download other game apps and reach level 10 in the other game apps or answer surveys of course the last option being spending money.

which again I wouldn't mind it's so complex. Jan 7, It's a really good game, but the checkpoints are really tiring. There are way too many checkpoints and they're so expensive to get past. Even if you choose the normal path where you dont use jade it's a ridiculous amount and you dont get to have the added experience. And it's not like the checkpoints are there for only a certain amount of time, no they're there until you build up the money to pass.

Mar 10, I enjoyed this game a lot and Im a huge fan of the Ikemen games. However I had to uninstall this game as there is no tutorial or assistance to help with basic game play such as raising skill and talent.

Even searching online was of no help. Too bad as it was an enjoyable game while it lasted. I just wish I could have gone further than just a few chapters. considering that many players have a problem passing checkpoints, you should really review this issue. Jun 17, By Bri Jarman. The story tickets are annoying but the cliff hangers they leave just make you want more.

Though I do wish you can use coins instead of money to pay for story tickets. I loved this app. Now I lost my account when I switched phones cause it didn't auto sinc like it usually does. I lost my old account and the email to relink isn't working. Support team please help!!!! Nov 9, So far the story is good, I have found that with all of these games the checkpoints are overly ridiculous though and waiting so long for one chapter is super annoying, haven't been able to read because I'm stuck at a checkpoint right now edit:been over 2 weeks since I could read anything, I just gave up and deleted it but all of the "Shall We Date" games that I have played are all like that, some just not as bad.

Very annoying. See all negative reviews. The app is very enjoyable and I love the large selection of people. The art is gorgeous and the actual story is amusing and entertaining. I am annoyed that it doesn't seem like you can actually use the 'earn free gems' as I've tried multiple things and have not gotten any points for them. Which sucks because it is hard to come across gems, which are needed if you want the best ending. May 20, I'm satisfied with this game, though there's too many grammatical errors and only one avenue to acquire tickets unless I'm lucky or at the end of a story.

The stories themselves can get vague and confusing at times but keep my interest enough to actually wait on the refill time. Overall I'm content enough to continue playing. See all 2 reviews. See all 1 reviews. Similar to Ninja Shadow Shall we date? Story Jar - Otome dating game NTT Solmare Corp. The only thing you'll have to worry about is getting your hand stuck in our Jar! Jan 26, This is a truly amazing game! You get to test all the prologues and character stories for free!

It's not just demos, either, it's an entire chapter! You know what you're getting with the characters, since they have profiles, and each one gives a different path of the same story. It us truly a fantastic app!!! More Last Sacrifice!!!! Jul 28, By scaredmelons. The first story I read through was The Last Sacrifice and afternoon the first couple chapters I completely fell in love with the story! So please please PLEASE make more!!!! I've started playing a lot of otome games but always get annoyed by the limits of how much you can do in a day with them, and of course the ones that say they're "free" but only if you wanna play the prologue then you have to buy each of the chapters.

But this one is amazing!!! yes still limited on how far you can progress without paying, but because tickets recharge you're not left with 24 hours between playing more. By The taxi guy. Really cute stories 👀 Sep 20, By Jeannette Jan 23, Loving the affordability of premium currency and that you can get diamonds just by logging in or completing quests.

The story I'm reading is very engaging and the chapters are nice and long unlike other apps similar to this one. Also love the pictures, I'd say to try it out if you're reading this review! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Feb 14, I can only earn 1 diamond after each chapter, but the ads are not working in order to earn more rewards. Only worked the first days when I installed the game, now it has been almost a week and not a single add pops up. It's impossible to reach a good ending when you can only select 1 diamond choice for an entire story. UPDATE: Thank you for solving my problem! Jul 13, It's a reading romance novel game with anime style graphics.

It has some interesting stories but some of the stories feel a little cringey. Also, you have to find ways to earn gems if you want to progress on a good story or if you want to speed it up.

It's not easy, especially when the app rewards you with a very small amount of gems to proceed. BRING THEM BACK PLEASE!!!!! May 25, I read SWD stories ever since I was in middle school. I like how you kept some of the old stories and I still enjoy them, but I was hoping to read some of my favorite ones again.

I enjoy reading these stories and I hope you continue to make more, but PLEASE BRING THESE BACK!!!!! Everyone in the comment are begging you to bring them back!!!!!!

So please do, it will make us very happy😭😭 more. Love it, but… Mar 27, Let me first say that I love this game. since I was a small pre teen girl in middle school. I love this game that has almost every single app collided into one. I think this would be a great thing if you add these old ones into the newer updated versions like story jar, or just be made into an entire new app.

Much love! Not the same May 23, By Florine ion. series since and loved all of them because the freedom of choice I could make. I just hope it could be like how it used to be. Was willing to spend back then for premium stories but paying for choices is just not it for me. Oct 10, By ashley s. it really takes way too long to get diamonds if you are not spending money. ive been on the same route in mononoke's kiss for 4 months now and i still have 4 chapters left.

when i first downloaded the app they gave "missions" to help gain diamonds fast, but that hasn't happened in a long time. the game is way too time consuming and im already starting to lose interest. the only plus is that the stories are actually good and they used to be their own exclusive apps, but then got moved to this. Money grab disguised as a fun game app Apr 9, By Mars Bar Behind the storyline and art lies a company with only their wallet in mind and you as the source of their wealth.

The story is rushed with weeks and months skipped when they could have added so much more. The main character woman gets pregnant and you only learn about the first month when she finds out and then it skips to 8 months later. I love the idea, it's really great for people who like to choose their own story directions.

BUT, the story inconsistencies and errors are almost too much to deal with. English and grammar errors are understandable, especially if English isnt your first language. But having a character forget what was just told to them the chapter before just makes the whole story hard to read. And I tend to think that the cost for choices is a bit too high for the story quality. Dec 3, By Ekomobong Inyang Ekom.

I really miss the other SWD games, and the dress up system, the minigames, and the trainings, too. So much of what made the stories great is missing over here, and I feel betrayed.

No letters or achievements, it all just feels so bare bones. It used to feel comforting, but this this just feels empty.

By 8Snowpink8. I admit that I am still a little sad about what happened to the old games, some of them are here, but sadly, not my favorite one Great stories!

Too expensive Sep 2, By lizziebill. I love this app. I have found no real way to avoid spending money, but I justify it as if I were buying a book. I wish they made it just a little bit easier to get diamonds for free or at least lowered how many diamonds are required for a certain decision. No reviews available See all 3 reviews. Why did you get rid of the apps I already paid for?

By Gwaele. I searched for the apps I already bought like Zombie Island only to find Story Jar instead! I enjoyed being able to download those apps and playing the stories again and again. There were storylines that I was gonna buy and play through. I used to like this company until this happened! Jan 30, Disappointing, I couldnt even afford the first good choice. The images are beautiful and there looked to be so many fun stories.

I was so excited, but then to be block from a good choice right out the gate. Well it completly turned me off. I'm tired of these"free" games costing more than a ps4 game. I know games need to make money but not this much! Im tired of being nickle a dimed. Reply- It's still too much just set one far price per story.

People need to stop paying money to games like these. Please hear us out Feb 28, By Nightshade Many, and I mean many of the fans are willing and okay with a version of story jar, or dear otome, for those games that you are wanting to completely get rid of, many of us still play some of the first ones that you came out with, like my sweet prince, destiny ninja, and destiny ninja 2, niflheim, ninja assassin, ninja love, angel or devil, ninja love, and many, many more.

I am expecting a reply, and will wait, I have many more ideas, and recommendations as well. Please, I would love to work with you all. To continue to let these games be played for the younger generation, as well as for the fans that have been there since the start like myself. Please, please respond, I anxiously await your reply. Similar to Story Jar - Otome dating game. Dear Otome Shall we date?

NTT Solmare Entertainment. Dating Sims with Sexy Ikemen. Shall We Date? Games Apr 29, By Haru. And I have since downloaded other Shall We Date? Otome games and love playing those as well. At first I was disappointed the games would no longer be available individually for Apple products, but it is nice having all the games I play on one app. It was so good! I look forward to seeing the final character in this last arc.

I hope events and special gacha that were released continue to be brought back in those games that still have them. I would recommend these games to my friends for sure. I really like this app. Jul 14, I downloaded this app and immediately started with Klaus. ToT I loved this story. Helena St. Kitts and Nevis St.

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Forgot password? Anyways,this is one of shall we date and otome best game ever,Love it,It's so addictive. I love this app, they have great stories. I'm sad for it to end. You should read it!! I loved the characters, the magic, it had good graphics. It was very enjoyable. This is a fun game with great stories. You can play free, but it's a bit of a grind. I absolutely loved this game. The game plot is very interesting.

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Top Games in Adventure Games. Roblox 4. School Party Craft 4. Pokémon GO 4. Genshin Impact - Sumeru Debut 4. Sonic Forces - Running Battle 4.

FPS Commando Shooting Games 4. Bob's World - Super Run Game 4. Legend of Slime: Idle RPG 4. PK XD - Explore Universes! Best Games By shall we date Best Apps by "shall we date", such as WizardessHeart - Shall we date , Ninja Shadow Shall we date? and Story Jar - Otome dating game. AppGrooves offers you "Best 10 Apps" for over micro categories. Related Keywords in Adventure Games. pokemon go mario run phone destroyer hidden object games criminal case scary games hello neighbor super mario harry potter lego batman jurassic world hidden agenda mystery games red ball ugandan knuckles adventure games thriller terraria block craft ark horror games life is strange haunt big fish casino batman games scribble nauts walking dead lego star wars monkey ropes survival craft dont starve slender man mickey mouse duck life lep's world spirit cydia jailbreak rusty lake go ranger haiku exploration lite inside world craft twine See All.

Best Apps by shall we date. WizardessHeart - Shall we date NTT Solmare Corp. Adventure Games. Beautiful dating sim illustrations and captivating Otome game music. Free In App Purchases. About the App. Filter Reviews Edit Your Review Write a Review.

All Positive Negative Community Expert 5 4 3 2 1. May 12, By A Google user. I love all the stories! I also love that you can choose to watch an ad every 30 second to take off 30mins from the wait time for story tickets to be replenished, great idea! The only thing I personally am not too much of a fan of is having to keep the Magic Grade up for the challenges throughout the story and having to buy certain items, you can use Lune that is earned doning the extra curriculum so you dont have to spend money, throughout the story to pass the challenge.

Still love the game! Dec 12, I love this game. It's one of my favorite otomes and I really enjoy the characters, the art style and the background music is very cute and upbeat a lot of the time but then does well at turning dramatoc or drey when the specific scene calls for it. Music in these games really helps set the tone for me personally and I really like the music used in this game.

As usual, there are optional microtrandactionsx which I would like less of, but the story is still great without those extras. Aug 5, I find it very satisfying and addictive, though I do wish there were more options for buying eye and eyebrow selections and room backgrounds with lune.

Nevertheless, it still is a fantastic game to play when one is interested in stories or role-play. The stories are well written, some do seem a tad dull, but nothing is perfect. Love it, regardless! Oct 16, A lovable game with a magical setting.

So many mysteries to choose from! Just like with all the "free" games it's not really free. BUT they give you so many free story tickets.

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It\'s the first date and your ready for a sneaky kiss!! Make sure you do  · Best Apps by "shall we date", such as WizardessHeart - Shall we date, Ninja Shadow Shall we date? and Story Jar - Otome dating game. Discover best apps & games for  · Shall We Date is absolutely free and fastest growing online matchmaking and dating system. Register with us to find your perfect match Contribute to the wiki by adding the necessary information. If you are a novice editor, read the tutorial or visit the help page for assistance. Game. Sweet Scandal. Rated. Teen (12+) Sweet Shall we date? is a series of dating sim games that has fascinated 3 million ladies around the world. Available on the App Store and Google Play. Have you ever had a romance with a ninja? ... read more

the game is way too time consuming and im already starting to lose interest. It was very enjoyable. So please please PLEASE make more!!!! The only thing that could possibly be improved is the introduction of all the love-interests in the prologue. Feb 14,

I loved this app. Apr 22, These stories are soo good I just hate the story tickets and how long you have to wait for them to recover. I hope events and special gacha that were released continue to be brought back in those games that still have them. Choose your own waifu in our harem story!